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  Purchase as a Service (PurS)
 commoditizing consumer privacy
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Consumers have been giving away their data since electronic commerce began: what we do, where we go and what we buy. Youboard.™ is a patent pending application that compensates the consumer for sharing their purchase and search choices. YouBoard gives we the people the power to commoditize privacy as a service and to take advantage of what's ours - our data. 

Every one of us is an influencer, we're just not getting paid to do it. YouBoard will empower the consumer and compensate us for sharing our search and purchase data flow. Currently, the multi-billion dollar data broker market anonymously harvests and sells vast amounts of our so-called private purchase and search data - in return, we receive nothing. 


YouBoard Privacy Credits™ directly compensate the consumer, allowing them to monetize their purchase and search choices - the consumer becomes an active participant in the transaction in return for  sharing their data exhaust. All parameters of purchase and search data are of course, customized to your guidelines, and nothing is shared without your express permission.

Average YouBoard price reductions per item or service range between 4% and 10%

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what is YouBoard?

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 YouBoard is the patent pending social commerce app designed to provide consumers with Purchase as a Service™ (PurS) credit in return for the automatic posting of their purchase and subsequent usage to the YouBoard Velocity Cloud.™ YouBoard will feature a centralized community site for consumers to get instant checks on what's trending and where it is selling. Consumers will no longer be limited to "best seller lists" and notations from only one or two retail giants.

YouBoard will offer an an array of customized enterprise solutions for retail and wholesale product and service sellers. Velocity Boards™ will offer hot-mapping consumer demographics, and and a myriad of data in product and service categories.

The YouBoard app will be available through online checkout, credit card gateways and payment processing vendors. Simply create your profile, and you're ready to select covered products and services to receive an immediate privacy credit upon purchase.


If every one of us is an influencer, what we do and what we buy matters -- its our billboard, not one that belongs to monolithic data brokers. YouBoard brings you, the consumer, directly into the multibillion-dollar business of social sharing and online advertising.


how YouBoard works

Enrollment is free. From then on, when you purchase a covered item online or in-store, YouBoard presents privacy credit options; select your PurS™ option, and receive the privacy credit  (this means you pay less for whatever you purchase.) That's it. Simple to use, YouBoard compensates you in return for sharing your purchase data exhaust. YouBoard will post purchases and product use for you, branded or generic, automatically, with your prior agreement.

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Why use YouBoard?

You're already making a purchase, and you've already agreed via the site's privacy policy to what they can do with your data. But if your choices influence others, increase sales, or are used for marketing and research, you are not compensated other than for direct referrals - which means almost never. The only value you're generally offered is a better buying experience. Really?


At YouBoard, we believe the best buying experience is to pay a lower price for the branded or generic sharing of your search and purchase choices. YouBoard offers an incentive in exchange for your commitment to secondary marketing, which is what you do every time you wear a brand label jacket, handbag, shoes, drive a car with a nameplate, or open a book with a cover. 


What is the Advantage of YouBoard?

Because you're providing privacy as a service, YouBoard Privacy Credits™ offer the promise of the best price,  because more money stays in your pocket. 

Isn't it like receiving a regular discount, coupon or a sale price?

YouBoard Privacy Credits™ don't depend on seasonal sales or transitory buying incentives. Unlike traditional incentives,  you don't apply coupons, you don't need to keep track of points or miles, or sign up for email blasts. How many times have your miles or points expired? You don't have to complete two offers on the next screen, or go through any customer survey to receive additional credit.


Why do I care if vendors use my information?

Some of us care, and some of us don't. Sure, there is a benefit to having a customer profile that can be used to help you find products you want, but that’s all the benefit you receive. You are not compensated for serving up yourself as a prospect. And, you rarely, if ever receive credit when your profile is used to sell things to others like you, or to your social network. YouBoard will compensate you for the current and iterative value to other potential consumers embodied in your purchase choices.

Where does the record of my purchase go?

YouBoard privacy credits™ are designed for two classes: branded and generic. Branded posts have your name and post to your social networks, and every time that post generates a future sale, wherever it does so, there is a record that credits you, while steering influenced purchasers back to the original merchant. Generic posts earn a lesser privacy credit but still provide, core profile and demographic information to YouBoard's Velocity Clouds.™ Branded posts that are bought back remain in YouBoard's data cloud as generic posts.


What if I return the product after I received the privacy credit?

If you return the item, then you receive a refund just as you normally would. YouBoard ceases any branded posting, generic posts remain linked to the initial purchase date in the cloud.




be paid to play

Every time you buy something online, you're not just making a choice about what to buy; you're making a choice about what to share. Companies are always studying what you do and buy online, mining your data so they can sell more to you and to people like you.

Businesses track your choices because they're worth something. What you do and buy matters, and that's why businesses work so hard to gather that information. Your buying choices are valuable data. When you post what you've bought online or in-store to social sites, you're sharing that information for free.  Even with new privacy related rules, vendors are able to harvest pieces of your information and resell it, without you ever knowing.

Social marketing has a long history, well before the dawn of social media. We've been doing it as long as there have been covers on books, emblems and nameplates on cars, labels on jeans. We do it every time we drink from a coffee cup with a logo. Consumers have never been directly compensated for this secondary marketing because the technology to do so didn't exist.

Data brokers know your privacy data information has value. They harvest it daily and even amidst evolving consumer privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, data brokers, banks and social media companies are adapting their models and will continue to find ways to scrape and accrue your search and purchase flow.  This is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Shouldn't your information be worth something to you?

YouBoard's novel privacy credits provide you the consumer with the opportunity to monetize your data exhaust in exchange for sharing your purchase/search choices. We aim to be the global billboard run by the people for the people -- giving you a price improvement for sharing your valued consumer profile. 


In exchange for agreeing to auto post your product and service choices and use, branded or generic -- not how much you paid , but what you chose to buy -- YouBoard will provide incentive compensation at the time of purchase.

**YouBoard™ is currently in development. We'll be sure to keep you posted as we move toward the launch date.

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