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Simply download the YouBoard app, set your posting parameters and YouBoard will pop up on any portable payment service app, and at online and in-store checkouts. Opt in, and receive an immediately discounted YouBoard purchase price for the covered item or service you're buying. In return for sharing, we post your purchase choices and usage how you want, and where you want them to be seen.

YouBoard allows you to take charge of your data, Your data has great value! Merchants, credit card companies, social media companies, and advertisers take it from you for free everyday.

With YouBoard, you choose, and get paid. YouBoard will automatically post to your social network accounts, or anonymously to the centralized YouBoard site. 

It's always your choice.

YouBoard lets you take charge and decide whether or not to distribute your unique consumer datastream. You become your own compensated brand ambassador.

Whether you're surfing the net for a pair of new boots, just bought a book, or finished another great dinner at your favorite restaurant, YouBoard allows you the option of being paid for sharing your consumer habits.

For years we've been giving away our data: what we do, where we go and what we buy. The time has come for We the People to take back what's ours.

Get compensated for your data:

Average price reduction between 4% and 10%

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WHAT IT IS is the social commerce app that provides you with an immediate discount in return for the automatic posting of your purchase and subsequent usage to social media sites of your choosing. is also a centralized community site summarizing what is happening and moving and in what markets.

YouBoard Velocity Clouds help you see the profile of who is buying and using what products, and to search consumer buying patterns according to any criteria you choose. Rather than getting the read on popular and best-selling items from one company, YouBoard empowers you to look closely at trends and activity across a broad set of categories.

YouBoard will eventually be present at most e-commerce checkouts. Just click the YouBoard option for covered products and services when you decide to share your purchase selection and receive immediate compensation for doing so.

If every one of us is an influencer, then it's our billboard, not just theirs. brings consumers into the multibillion-dollar business of social sharing and online advertising, managing social commerce privacy so that you benefit as well.

YouBoard is the place where we the people get a better price for participating in social commerce.



Enrollment is free. From then on, when you go to purchase a covered online or, in future, in-store item, YouBoard will present a range of discounts for each covered item. Select the desired option, and receive a discount. That's it. YouBoard will post purchases and product use for you, automatically, with your prior agreement.

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Why use YouBoard?

You're already making a purchase, and you've already agreed via the site's privacy policy on what they can do with your data. But if your choices influence others and increase sales, you're not compensated, other than for direct referrals - which means almost never. The only value you're offered is a better buying experience. Really? At YouBoard, we think the best buying experience is to receive a lower price for agreeing to share your choices. YouBoard offers an incentive in exchange for your commitment to secondary marketing, something you've done every time you've worn a designer label, driven a car, or opened one of those old-fashioned things called books. 

What is the Advantage of YouBoard?

Because you're providing a service, YouBoard arguably offers the best promise of the best price for a YouBoard covered item - getting Paid to Play. Money that stays in your pocket. Thinking about using mobile payments? YouBoard checkout will make that mobile payment app more valuable than using cash, offering incentives that cash can't match.

Isn't it like receiving a regular discount, coupon or a sale price?

YouBoard discounts don't depend on seasonal sales; they compensate you for wearing the analog or digital label. You don't need to keep track of points or miles. How many times have your miles or points expired? You don't have to complete two offers on the next screen. Your friends don’t have to top in to your referral for you to be compensated. In fact, your friends refer themselves, but you still get the benefit, even if you don't know about it. Unlike traditional incentives, a YouBoard purchase begins a service that you provide to the manufacturer or merchant, rather than just completing a sale. 

Why do I care if vendors use my information?

Some of us do, and some of us don't. There is a benefit to having a customer profile that can be used to help you find products you want, but that’s all the benefit you receive. You don't receive the benefit if that profile is used to sell things to others like you, or to your social network. YouBoard will compensate you for the potential value embodied in your purchase choices.

What if I return the product or don't like it after I have already received the discount?

If you return the item, then you receive a refund just as you normally would. YouBoard ceases to post, and takes down the record of the purchase from its active listings and posting history. YouBoard won't announce the unposting, because that's a little mean. But your return has the same impact as before; the only real difference is you paid less in the first place.

Do I ever have to give the money back?

No. But if you change your mind about posting usage, simply buy back the discount and YouBoard will cease to post and will delete the listing. We all know that once you do something online, it's online somewhere forever. But while you can't use a time machine to undo anything, YouBoard offers the next best thing: it will cancel your explicit agreement with respect to that transaction, and remove all discretionary records. That transaction disappears from YouBoard's social postings, and is neither listed nor identified with you. 

Where does the record of my purchase go?

YouBoard discounts are for two classes: branded and generic. Branded posts have your name and go to your social networks, and every time that post generates a future sale, wherever it does so, there is a record that credits you, while steering influenced purchasers back to the original merchant. Generic posts earn a lesser discount and go out as generic, demographic information for YouBoard's Velocity Clouds. Branded posts that are bought back remain in YouBoard's data cloud as generic posts, but with individual identifying information removed. 

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Every time you buy something online, you're not just making a choice about what to buy; you're making a choice about what to share. Companies are always studying what you do and buy online, mining your secrets so they can sell more to you and to people like you.

Businesses track your choices because they're worth something. What you do and buy matters, and that's why businesses work so hard to gather that information. Your buying choices are valuable data. When you post what you've bought online or in-store to social sites, you're sharing that information for free.

Shouldn't your valuable information be worth something to you?

Brokering the best Value to Consumers

Social marketing has a long history, well before the dawn of social media. We've been doing it as long as there have been covers on books, nameplates on cars, labels on jeans. We do it every time we drink from a cup with the logo of a coffee house or fast food restaurant. Consumers have never been directly compensated for this secondary marketing because the technology to do so didn't exist.

YouBoard intends to give you value in exchange. We hope to be the global billboard run by the people for the people,letting you know, wherever you are, what's going on in the product categories you care about.

In exchange for agreeing to post your product choices and product use - not how much you paid, but what you chose to buy - YouBoard will provide incentive compensation at the time of purchase.


**Youboard is currently in development and coming soon. We'll be sure to keep you posted.