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What it is

Putting You in Control is the social commerce site that provides you with an immediate discount in return for the automatic posting of your purchase and subsequent usage to social media sites of your choosing. is also a centralized community site summarizing what is happening and moving and in what markets.

YouBoard Velocity Clouds help you see the profile of who is buying and using what products, and to search consumer buying patterns according to any criteria you choose. Rather than getting the read on popular and best-selling items from one company, YouBoard empowers you to look closely at trends and activity across a broad set of categories.

YouBoard will eventually be present at most e-commerce checkouts. Just click the YouBoard option for covered products and services when you decide to share your purchase selection and receive immediate compensation for doing so.

If every one of us is an influencer, then it's our billboard, not just theirs. brings consumers into the multibillion-dollar business of social sharing and online advertising, managing social commerce privacy so that you benefit as well.

YouBoard is the place where we the people get a better price for participating in social commerce.

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